Building Something Special

Hamptons Real Estate Showcase

There are many working parts that must find a sense of symbiosis to get someone in a home. There are builders and developers, landscapers and designers, surveyors, and of course real estate agents. These relationships can often go unnoticed, as each is often viewed as a separate step along the way. Understanding the importance of how these relationships can positively impact a home buyer's experience, finding them just what they are looking for, Adam Hofer of Douglas Elliman and East End Building Co. founder Michael Crocitto share how together they found and are in the process of building a very bespoke Hamptons home for some of the most discerning clients.

Sacred Spaces
Constructing Dreams

On The Inside Magazine

Delighting through the natural ambiance of landscapes and materials, End Building Company's approach to Hamptons development is to create a "song" that remains in the listeners ears. The fusion of their nature-provoked ideology and custom building practices leaves an indelible mark on the townships' enriched heritage.